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Kate Mann, "Robert Johnson Knew," Things Look Different When the Sun Goes Down (Orange Dress Records)

Kate Mann In Kate Mann's "Robert Johnson Knew," we head down to the deep South full of rustic guitar chords and an ever present harmonica for a familiar Georgian tale as experienced by the singer songwriter. Instead of simply telling a tale of finding oneself at a crossroads with the option to sell your soul to the devil (in a direct rehash of the legend of blues musician Robert Johnson), Mann actually acknowledges her inspiration by name. While trying to decide if she should sign away her soul or not, she uses wildlife imagery—from dislocated seagulls to deer standing no chance "against four wheels and two tons of steel"—to portray that she really has no choice. She eventually concedes that Johnson did the right thing long before her in an effort to sooth her own mind. However, if it is the wrong decision, she reckons she has a get-out-of-jail-free card, singing "I can always say that I misunderstood."


Kate Mann performs at the White Eagle on the 22nd of November in celebration of the release of her forthcoming LP Things Look Different When the Sun Goes Down.

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