South Park
WW: Have you seen—I don't know how into YouTube clips you are—but have you seen Josh Groban at the Emmys?
What are your favorites?
There seriously are.
Have you seen Posh Spice's son breakdance?
Alright. Cause he's young too. He's like three and he breakdances. I'll send you that.
Well I just had one pop in my head and now...
I will tell you that one, but there was one that I've just recently seen that clicked when you said "nature," but I can't remember. But anyway, yes—he was at the Emmy's this year. It's quite possibly the best thing I've ever seen while at the same time the worst thing. He did like 60 different theme songs in like a couple minutes—just doing quick soundbites. He does the South Park one, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and he does the Simpsons. It's just frightening. I had to watch it over and over.
Soulja Boy—have you seen all those? The how-to in the pool and then all the crazy ones.
I've seen one of these girls outside singing about Soulja Girl.
I seriously will. I'll watch that one and you watch Josh Groban. It's frightening. Then he does "Suicide is Painless" and has a chorus-line of dancing girl and it's like, ummm, okay...
South Park
Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell