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Bra Strapz, "So Caucasian" (Michele Wylen Remix), So Gone EP (Self-Released)

Michele Wylen Yearning for an ode to being pasty? Well, Eugene based rapper Bra Strapz has just the song in her catalog by the name of "So Caucasian," and Portland's Miss Michele Wylen has offered up a remix. The petite vixen from just south of the Rose City is indeed "so caucasian" with her blond hair and blue eyes and the rest of her songs include lyrics that play off her stage name and being "Gangsta," though there's no word on how true to life that title is. If you're knowledgeable about the game of diminutive female rappers then Bra Strapz may remind you just a bit of the pint-sized and dirty Uffie (a comparison she notes in her influences on her MySpace page). It's about the same skill level, except Bra Strapz lacks the backing of the hottest French producers like Uffie's main men Feadz and Mr. Oizo. In fact, much of the song's structure and lyrics is instead cribbed from Fergie's "Fergalicious."

However, with Wylen taking over production duties on this remix, Bra Strapz's game is raised. While the Fergie similarities stay intact, with Wylen on the knobs they can be forgiven. There's stuttering vocal samples, rapping on behalf of Bra Strapz, a male voice shows some spirit by spelling out "Pasty" much like Will.i.am.'s "T to the A to the S T E Y girl you tasty" in "Fergalicious," and Bra Strapz breaking it down in the end ala Fergie's sing-song bridge. One imagines the original Bra Strapz track is fun enough track to begin with, but even better as an experimental, poptastic remix.


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