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Q&A: The Upsidedown's Jsun Atoms

upsideMidst national tour supporting the Dandy Warhols and pushing its own (lovely, louche) new album Human Destination, the Upsidedown frontman Jsun Atoms pulled over the van to take a few questions from Willamette Week about living the dream. [The interview was conducted on September 24 but is just running now. Sorry, Jsun! -Ed.]

WW: How's the tour?
JS: It's going great. We're playing some really cool, amazing venues. The kind of venues that have a lot of ornate balconies and chandeliers, the sort of places we'd always dreamed of playing. It's been really fun. We got to stop and do things with Darker My Love and these other bands. Tonight, we're staying in a cabin outside of Atlanta, we had to drive all night from DC, we'll drink and have a bonfire outside a yoga studio. It's been really beautiful, the areas that we've covered. It's been an amazing time.

And the album?
We're selling so many CDs every night, and I don't think we've seen a bad review. Wish I could knock on wood right now. Lots of great feedback. We're really playing with our hearts out, and I think the shows are inspiring people to pick up a disc on the way out. We're really proud of the album. It's a life's work. Certainly the best thing that I've been a part of.

Your favorite show?
Might have had the best sounding show in DC. Toronto was really great. We played to 3,000 and the band sold 68 CDs. The Vic theater in Chicago—it's 110 years old or something. First Ave was pretty special. The whole Purple Rain thing, and that was the first time in Minneapolis for most of us. Tonight we're playing at Center Stage, and I'm just about to pull up there.

How'd this all come about?
The Dandy's were overseas for a month, and they gave us the keys to the Odditorium so we could work on the album. Then, when they got back, they decided they were going to start their own label and that we were one of the bands that they wanted. I've known Peter and Court for almost twenty years so for friendship, camaraderie, they wanted their friends to be on tour with them

And next?
I'm sure we'll go on a tour later in the spring, and we're working on the new record. We've already done some stuff just playing in the van that's really cool. Plan's just to go back home and start getting together the new material. After the tour, the Dandy's are all going Australia for Fathead's wedding and play some shows...hopefully we'll get the keys to the Odditorium again.

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