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Everclear, "Jesus Was a Democrat," Jesus Was a Democrat Single (Self-Released)

jesus was tattooed che

It's not just the song: an overwrought latter-day, hit-fiending Everclear cut dependent upon smothering production and dully repetitive riffage arousing AOR self-satisfaction. Not rock, exactly, though their generation mainlines the signifiers. Is roll a genre?

It's not just the lyrics:

If Jesus was alive today he would be sad to see
That it is no different than it used to be
Someday he's going to call you out
I am pretty god damned sure
He is going to be mad
He is going to be angry
He is going to be mad
He is going to be mad

(Old Testament Jesus, then.)

And, end of the day, it's not even about arrogance. The tune's lazy—well-'luded Slow Motion Daydream/Welcome to the Drama Club canon fodder drained of the energy that once won devotion. But, whether treading water or threatening to walk upon, Art knows from false idolatry. He's worn the crown of (frosted, likely) thorns. It's the ambition, the potentially destructive careerism, the buying that big space in the West Wing…that bothers.

Jesus would've looked like an Arab, true, but, same point, he would've likely been a mystic minarchist eschewing worldly politics on its terms. Jesus was, y'know, killed by the state. Mentioning him's (Him's?) a good way to self-aggrandize, however much it hurts any potential Democrat cause.

Wanna actually change people's minds? A thrice-divorced pop star borne upon hummable addictions shan't create your anthem. The Dems need someone beyond divisive bickering. Someone as comfortable upon the football field as the after hours club, someone equal parts sensual and spiritual, someone embodying midwestern values and the west coast party, a true and irresistible blending of the blue and the red.

Where is Prince, anyway?



"Jesus Was a Democrat" is available as a free download from everclearonline.com. Image courtesy of the internet.
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