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Don Hellions, "Unrequited Like," In Yer Underwear (Self-Released)

IMG_2453 When I caught Don Hellions this weekend at Dekum Manor, one particular song caught my ear. Just as Tom Cruise had Renee Zellweger at hello in Jerry Maguire, the trio had me at the song title "Unrequited Like." Lucky for listeners, this spazzy track of pop destruction (not unlike Fist Fite's energetic romps, but definitely less dark sounding) isn't a letdown from the heights of its loveless title.

According to frontman Chris Hoganson, "Unrequited Like" was the first track in Don Hellions' catalog, written quickly by him by way of "playing five or six saxophone tracks over one drum track and then singing on top of it." And is it based on any specific lovelorn situation or general circumstance? I turned it over to Hoganson for additional details:

"Unrequited Like" was written about a very specific situation... Although it is kind of a summation of my relationships in general. "What you can't forget is if you try too hard you know yer going to regret... What you can't ignore is if you don't try enough it's going to fail for sure." I was feeling that way about a lot of things in my life at the time, but mostly I was trying to walk this tight-rope of telling someone that I was in love with them while still trying to appear nonchalant.

Something tells me Hoganson would've made a great contributor to our Valentine's Day compilation post on the ebb and flow of love—and here's something to keep tight until next V-Day.


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Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell
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