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What Do Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt And Sarah Palin Have in Common?

dave hunt

House Speaker Dave Hunt (D-Gladstone) is playing in rarefied territory now. He joins such national figures as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and rapper Kanye West as targets of satire who have been spoofed using a 2004 German movie "The Downfall."

In earlier versions posted on YouTube, German actor Bruno Ganz, playing Adolf Hitler, "reacts to Palin's resignation and to West's insult of Taylor Swift at the 2009 Grammy awards. This version circulating now makes light of Hunt's hard-ball tactics during the February special session.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPt5qNc84yA [/youtube]

As The Wall Street Journal reported recently, Hitler parodies have a long history.

The Hunt parody was posted to YouTube by a person calling himself "mistercleen2002@yahoo.com." That email address belongs to Larry McDonald, who is running for city council in Tualatin.

Hunt spokesman Geoff Sugerman says the video "shows a serious lack of creative thought."

"It is so far removed from reality and who Dave Hunt is as a person that it is almost sad that a political opponent would stoop this low," Sugerman adds.

Here's the video riffing off Palin's resignation as governor


And here's the one spoofing Kanye West:

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