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Computerization, "Whitefangisfuckingawesome," LocalCut Song Cycle (Part 5 of 5)

computerization / white fangAnd now, the time has come to say goodbye. On this final day of September, we close out the Computerization Cut of the Day series that has occupied each Tuesday for the past month. In a circular fashion, we end on the note of which this project began. While this is the last Computerization track to be posted, this ode to underage terrors White Fang was in fact the first gem the Brooklynite pumped out.

The day after the PDX Pop Now! CD Release show at Holocene, I received an email in my inbox offering a custom song. I definitely wanted to take advantage of the offer, but didn't have any ideas for a topic. So I wrote back with the name of the band that was on the tip of my tongue. With the calamity of White Fang's set still fresh in my mind, I threw out its name to Computerization.

Sending him but two sentences on the topic (and musical pointers telling him to use lots percussion, in line with White Fang's many drummers—and for the pace of the track to be "cheetah fast"), I left Computerization to his own devices in terms of lyrical content. Just one listen and one realizes that boy oh boy did this boy do his research. "Whitefangisfuckingawesome" is an anthem built on the mania that has surrounded White Fang of late. There's even a drug reference with the line: "When you are eating, playing darts or doing coke/ You are thinking of White Fang and how much you love them," and he eludes to the chaos of the Marriage Records' act's shows when describing pillow-cutting and mayonnaise pouring destruction.

One also cannot overlook the greatness of a lyric like: "White Fang sends a fucking thrill up your leg/ Like you're Jesus and it's Sunday" as means of communicating the excitement some feel for this band.

However, the best thing about this track is that it transcends being about White Fang and becomes more about the genius of Computerization himself: Singing about how "fucking awesome" something is with a monotone voice in the vein of Ben Stein; the absurd visuals his verses deliver and the connections his mind makes is what catapults this song into its full glory.

How could this track be more awesome? Casey has the best idea yet: for White Fang themselves to cover it.

Upon first listen, I knew this couldn't be a one-off, as I wanted to submit more aspects of Portland music for the treatment. Luckily Computerization agreed to the task. It's been a fun ride that I for one am sad to see go, but all good things come to an end, as they say. Still, it doesn't have to come to an end for you. Want you own song? For a nine dollar donation, not only does one get a custom MP3—covering a topic, tempo, and with the instrumentation of your choice—but a physical compact disc with custom sleeve art and his own debut CD as well. What a bargain. Thanks, Computerization!


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Art of Computerization Googling White Fang by Casey, using Scribbles for Mac.
computerization / white fang
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