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Computerization, "All Ages," LocalCut Song Cycle (Part 4 of 5)

mepic2Computerization is still chugging away at his LocalCut custom tracks. You can get your own one made via his site.

As we near the end of the month, our LocalCut Song Cycle too nears a close. Presented as a conversation between a 22 year old and 17 year old, this track tackling Portland's all ages scene—in just a minute and 48 seconds—could very well be Computerization's masterpiece. Using a real guitar (gasp!), Computerization creates a poppy punk anthem of sorts full of Thermals-esque vibes.

Lyrically, the song first uses house shows as a backdrop, before moving onto the all-ages venue scene. Within the first 30 seconds, there's a shout out to the Green House. Midway through the track a very intelligent discussion about the OLCC breaks loose. One character mentions that the OLCC's recent-ish decisions to permit 21+ venues like Holocene and the Doug Fir to allow minors in for special shows. From there, our hero attempts to explain what's behind the decision, touching on competition, food sales and couple other points in just a few short seconds.


This is a tune one can thrash around to in the mosh-pit of a basement or simply make like American Bandstand to, and do the twist. Get ready to dance, think and (most likely) agree!

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