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Boy Eats Drum Machine at the Ash Street Saloon, Thursday, Sept. 11

bedm3Jon Ragel rested but once Thursday night, for a few brief measures during the horn-driven and funky "Demonic with Horns," off his upcoming record Booomboxxx. His arms went limp—a rare site from the man who brings you simultaneous turntabling, saxaphoning, drumming and singing.

You could feel the heat emanating from his musical stand, flanked by two mini televisions cued on his turntables. It's welcomed transparency from an electro maestro who lifted people from the creaky seats of Ash St. and into communal dance. When asked the decreasingly popular question, "Who are you?" Ragel proudly declared, "I'm Boy Eats Drum Machine." He chased that comment with his customary toast to the crowd, sipped his beer and returned to his station, engineering a few more wonderfully sampled collages of heavy percussion, big bass lines and brass.



See him 10/16 at Holocene for his album-release hodown.

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Photos by Mark Stock
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