House District 29
On December 28, 2009 Gregory Chaimov, on your behalf, requested this office qualify you for candidacy in House District 29. Mr. Chaimov included copies of: a residency agreement dated November 1, 2009; two transportation records showing delivery of your belongings to 2000 SE 30th Avenue on November 6 and 7, 2009; a voter registration card signed and dated by you October 30, 2009 ; a postal service change dated October 30, 2009; and a DMV record showing a change of address effective October 30, 2009. Mr. Chaimov noted your belongings were not ready to be received until November 6, 2009.

This case was forwarded to our investigator for an in-depth analysis. Included in the investigator's conclusion is the residence address, 2000 SE 30th, Hillsboro, OR is an apartment in an assisted living facility you own. A telephone call to the facility revealed, after the person answering the telephone consulted with another person, individuals under the age of 55 may rent apartments at this facility. On approximately December 31, 2009, the facility confirmed you do indeed live at the 2000 SE 30th Avenue address in Hillsboro.

Based upon the documents provided by Mr. Chaimov and the findings of the Elections Division investigator, the evidence appears to substantiate you are qualified to file as a candidate for House District 29.