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Dirty Mittens, "White Winter Hymnal" (Fleet Foxes cover, unreleased)

dirty mittensIt's a pretty common sentiment in this town that we are lucky enough to be able to see bands grow over the course of their runs. This experience can be rewarding whether you follow the group all along or suddenly rediscover an old friend. In the case of Dirty Mittens, the transformation from the tight but raw three piece of their earliest shows (I was at their first show: February first, 2007) to the produced and expanded troupe they employ now is a pretty remarkable thing to hear after not listening to them for nearly a year.

The voice of Dirty Mittens' Chelsea Morrissey, that trembling warble, was actually the inspiration for this MusicFestNW covers project. For whatever reason I one day imagined Morrissey singing TV On The Radio's "Staring At The Sun," which led me to think maybe I should ask Dirty Mittens to cover the song for my LocalCut podcast, and for other bands to cover other performers at this year's festival. When "the Mittens," as they're sometimes called, told me they would be doing "White Winter Hymnal" by Fleet Foxes for their contribution, I thought it a rather ambitious undertaking. The band's effort, the first cover they've recorded, is just as gorgeous and reverent as any Fleet Foxes cover ought to be; they hit it out of the park.

Morrissey had the following to say:
"White Winter Hymnal" was Noah's suggestion, but we all agreed that due to its acoustic nature, it was a song with a lot of room for interpretation. I think Noah and Dhani did a great job of creating their own White Winter Hymnal, while remaining respectfully close to the original."


Dirty Mittens (of course), Eskimo and Sons (vocals, random instrumentation)
Produced by Dhani [Rosa] and Noah[Jay-Bonn] and the Gungle Dungeon.

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Fleet FoxeSpace
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