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Computerization, "Local Cut Theme Song," LocalCut Song Cycle (Part 1 of 5)

mepic2Some pop stars are bright enough to go by just one name. Cher, Britney, Michael, Rhianna, Derek... Wait, Derek? Who's Derek? Why he's the Brooklyn-based genius behind Computerization. Wait, what's Computerization? I'm glad you asked.

From behind his laptop, Derek creates custom songs as Computerization for all those who request them through his site. We're not talking pre-written songs with your name inserted every twenty seconds, but entirely original songs made to your liking. He leaves the topic, tempo and instruments entirely up to the requester. His creative genius is sprinkled over every track especially through well researched and awesomely random lyrics.

For the month of September, LocalCut will be breaking down Cut of the Day barriers by featuring a custom Computerization song every Tuesday! Wait, what? A non-local musician? Well, we're not entirely throwing the local angle to the wind, as he'll be writing one Portland-centric song for each week, focusing on bands of the past and present and addressing different aspects of Portland music such as the all ages scene.

For our first posted Computerization song, Derek's created a Local Cut theme song. There were no specifications such as tempo or instruments we'd like featured—he winged this one on his own. And it's rad! Feedback so far has pegged it as reminiscent of Lou Reed and Cake (as per my mom) or like a stoned zombie over Copy music (says recently returned LC podcaster Arya Imig). It just might make you uncomfortable—in the best way possible. You'll get it when you listen.

The timing is appropriate too, given we're all soon to embark on voyages across the city under the MFNW banner. Use it to get into the zone!

Want you own song? For a nine dollar donation, not only does one get a custom MP3, but a CD with custom sleeve and his own debut CD. Sound like a bargain? It is.


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