"Thunder Burn for Slow Breath (Dimly)," White Rainbow's remix of Jonas Brothers' "Burnin' Up":
A Little Bit Longer
i woke up early to the sound of thunder crashing all around me and the wonderful emptiness and expansiveness of cool air after a brutally hot weekend. as the rain started to come down, i opened up youtube to check out this Jonas Brothers music. it was really shitty. i took source through the laptop built in mic close to the open window with me turning the sound on the youtube video on and off. the sound of rain through a compressor. things creaked and billowed from there. i'm putting up the whole thing instead of the snippets i've been doing for the other ones. this is basically how i work when i make music on the computer, just fuck around for a bit, see what happens, record the whole thing, cut it down or leave it as the sketch that it is.

as for the jonas brothers, i absolutely can not relate to it. and the rap at the end is terrible. wow.
Pineapple Express
Cartoon by Casey. Made using "Scribbles" for the Mac.
white rainbrothers