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The Caldonias, "Vice Magazine" (Unreleased)

Nadia Last week I was chatting with my friend Erik during a walk along Hawthorne and it's accompanying side streets. I was talking about that epic house show that spanned both the Clatter House and SK8 & Rhone, NE and SE, in one night with an appearance by the cops at each location. Anyway, I was talking about how prior to the cops' arrival I didn't think I'd actually be able to catch White Rainbow due to the five dollar cover at the door and my being too broke to pay it [Our bad. -Ed.]. So I'd stood in the lawn wondering aloud to myself and my friends why was I even there if all I was doing was being out on the lawn? Turns out it's not so rare of a question.

Erik recited a few lyrics of the Caldonias' song "Vice Magazine" in reply:

There I was out on the lawn.
Totally fucking bored
thinking what's going on
Why did I go?


Oh how relevant! And, of course, there are the house shows where the best part is being out on the lawn, escaping the body heat to chat with friends while still able to hear the music. It's nice to know this scenario is somewhat universal.

Erik, ever the hip friend, also clued me in that Nadia, the frontwoman of the Caldonias, used to be leader of Olympia's Fierce Perm.

The CaldoniaSpace

Vice-esque photo of Nadia by Nilina Mason-Campbell
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