It sounds old-timey bluegrass to me. I thought the voice was a fiddle. His [frontman Manny Reyes'] voice seems to stand in as a fiddle. Remember Robert Plant echoed the guitar? That was why Led Zeppelin were so popular, which is one of the reasons I hated them, but why many people loved them. They thought it was so unique, but many jazz greats did that in the past. But I hated Led Zeppelin music, you know. I hate that kind of music. However, I love bluegrass and find it much more creative than Led Zeppelin. And that's what "Baby Jam" reminds me of—bluegrass.

In the second stanza I like the "springy" guitar and his voice becomes more evident. It also is reminiscent of Native American singing. And his voice still fits in with the attitude of the music.

It all fits together.

This song is like hiking—how you go through different terrains. I like how they drag out the ending, how it winds down at the end. I like the arrangement and everything about it.
Can you believe it's August already? -Ed
Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell. Big ups to Joe Watts for transmitting the MP3 file!