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Passing Through: Early Cindy Lee Berryhill Show Tonight at Dante's

img_cindyLeeBerryHill_imageHey all, she may not be from "'round these parts," but I wanted to post a quick note for a gig that slipped by our radar—mostly because the folks at Dante's seem to have launched it with some sort of radar-deflecting stealth technology.

In brief, Cindy Lee Berryhill is playing an early show tonight (Fri.) at 7 pm at Dante's. Not sure how much a ticket is, but it'll probably be relatively cheap.

As a solo singer-songwriter, Cindy Lee Berryhill's been making alt-folk since before they had a name for it, and on her albums her wide-open musical mind has encompassed all sorts of rock, pop, country, etc. arrangements, whatever's appropriate for her eclectic songs and choice of subject matter. She lives in Southern California, and seldom goes on tour, so this show's kinda special. In fact, this show isn't even part of a tour, it's just a one-off visit to Portland to do one radio appearance (this past Wed. on KBOO's Drinking From Puddles) and one show, which is why it especially sucks that her show tonight went unpromoted.

Part of the reason Berryhill doesn't tour much is that she's married to legendary rock critic and Crawdaddy founder Paul Williams (no, not the shrimpy albino Seventies songwriter), who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a bicycle accident a few years back, and requires a lot of assistance. The couple also has a young son, Alexander.

But Cindy still manages to write, record and perform. Much of her recent material has been political in nature, such as recent favorite "When Did Jesus Become a Republican?" She's a frequent performer at L.A.'s songwriter haven Largo, is good pals with John Doe, among others, and if you can make it down this evening, is sure to deliver a memorable performance. Pass it on!


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