"Baby Pink Painting with Three Girls" by Su-en Wong 2000

Get worked up, then get a grip by getting down with your Zen self. That is the idea behind Portland Art Museum's Meditation Week, purposefully set to coincide with the gallery's upcoming Disquieted exhibition, an evocative collection of contemporary artists' response to the more unsettling aspects of modern life. Unguided and semi-guided meditation sessions will take place throughout the museum, sharing space with multimedia works addressing war, terrorism, natural disasters, financial collapse, and all the other dark sides of our everyday lives.

This thoughtful, albeit unusual, event could really go either way — either allowing visitors to achieve a more comprehensive museum experience or potentially adding an awkward distraction to what is meant to be a serious exploration of our generation's struggles. Let's hope for the former.

Meditation Week schedule:

Noon-2 pm Monday March 1 & March 8: unguided meditation, DISQUIETED galleries only.

Tuesday-Sunday March 2–7: during regular museum hours cushions will be available to check out and use anywhere in the museum.

Noon-4 pm Saturday, March 6: semi-guided meditation sessions offered at the top of each hour, Stevens Classroom.

Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Avenue, Portland, March 1-8. Find information at portlandartmuseum.org or 226-2811. Free with museum admission. All ages.