July 11th, 2008 5:33 pm | by NILINA MASON-CAMPBELL Music | Posted In: Columns, News

Vowels are Out, FNDNCPRTY is In: Tonight at Exit Only

dancedance We didn't get this in the paper on time, so here it is. Tonight's new all-ages dance party at Exit Only (it remains to be seen whether this will become a weekly/monthly type-thing) reminds me of a game show my friend Erik proposed called "Can I Buy a Vowel?" The show would be dedicated to all the bands that eschew vowels from their names—they can buy them! FNDNCPRTY needs to buy a "u," "e" and a double "a" to make it "Fun Dance Party." Got it, Vanna?

The debut evening of FNDNCPRTY features DJ Koolaid and Pocket-Rockit, both previous participants in Hang the DJ. Why, we featured a DJ Koolaid remix of MGMT's "Kids" just yesterday! $6 gets you in! Exit Only is in a confusing part of town, though. Check out this map to help you find it.


Hang the DJ with Koolaid and Pocket-Rockit
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