The following anecdotes, testimonials and proclamations of love are the thoughts of Hush Records artists on the label and its creator, Chad Crouch. Read
's story on Hush's ten-year anniversary here.

Scott Garred, Super XX Man:
Vol. VI
Vol. X
Volume XI: A Better Place
Ali Wesley, Super XX Man:
All Things (My Two Fish)
Dave Depper, Norfolk & Western, Graves, Blanket Music, Loch Lomond, White Hinterland, etc.:
Cultural Norms
Seldom Slumber
Laura Gibson:
Dusk in Cold Parlours
Six White Horses
Shelley Short:
Water for the Day
Nick Jaina:
Loch Lomond:
Songs for Three Days
It's Only the Future
A Gilded Age
Paper the Walls
Ben Barnett:
The Love/Love Translation
In the Red
Adam Selzer, Norfolk & Western, Type Foundry Studio:
The Love/Love Translation
The Unsung Colony
Photo: Hush artists (left-right), Laura Gibson, Nick Jaina and Scott Garred.