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Wild Bird, "Cyber Sex Bitch," ...Your Guide to Sensible Living ((a) Social Antidote)

wild bird Upon crashing White Fang's inner Southeast house on Tuesday night, I was exposed to the myriad of splinter- and side-projects the bandmates have going on. Aside from the more direct offshoots such as Super Destroy and Feather Headdress, it seems like a lot of the members have electronic solo side-projects going on. Case in point being Tyler Bristow, who aside from his White Fang percussion duties makes experimental electronica under the guise of Wild Bird. He popped his eight song disc in the stereo while he drew on cardboard, exposing me to a lyricless electronic world heavy on beats and synthetic sounds. In addition to the self-released CDR entitled Fundamentally Fecal, the recent high school graduate also has music available as a split through the label (a) Social Antidote, run by White Fang housemate Thaddeus Christian. Taking a listen to the other acts affiliated with the label, I'm really curious of what could come of the Portland electronic scene if all these people started playing out as much as their guitar-wielding counterparts do.

"Cyber Sex Bitch" is definitely less experimental than the songs that make up the aforementioned CDR. I'd say it's probably the closest challenge to Copy that has come from the Rose City since Marius Libman's keytar-enhanced reign began.


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