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Rebel Poet, Jukebox Balladeer: The Anthology
Do you remember when you first heard Larry Norman's music?
What first struck you about his work?
How did that initial exposure lead into your wanting to release a sort of retrospective of his work?
Can you describe your initial experiences with him? What was his reaction when ARRCO approached him about the anthology?
Do you know how he ended up in Salem?
The Anthology
Conversations with Tom Petty
Had you ever heard stories like those posted to the comments section on the Mercury's obit post, regarding Norman's kindness and generosity toward fans/fellow musicians?
The Joshua Tree
Do you think an artist like Norman, whose music was too Christian for the rockers and too rock for Christian music fans, would have an easier time today? Are people more willing to embrace and think about such topics in a less rigid way nowadays?
Only Visiting This Planet
I think it's really interesting, because in the liner notes to "I Am the Six O'Clock News," Norman talks about the song not getting airtime because of his having a differing opinion [from the head of Capitol Records and, as he says, "most middle-class Americans"] regarding Vietnam.... Do you think it's still hard for a religious-leaning songwriter to write religious songs that disagree with the majority of Christian Americans, or do you think in, say, an artist like David Bazan's case, the questioning of such institutions is more lauded?
Do you have any personal favorite Norman songs? Which? And why?
Can you explain the process of getting him to write the liner notes for the album? Any thought into why he chose the songs he did? Or was it a collaborative effort?
The Anthology
What do you think his thoughts on the final product would be? [Norman passed away on Feb. 24, 2008]
The Anthology
The Anthology
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