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Panther, "Diamond, Violence (E*Rock Remix)" (Unreleased,found on KRS's page)

pantherWouldn't it be greater than great if producers of Bosom Buddies decided to recast the old '80s sitcom and turn it into a Portland-based reality show starring E*Rock and Panther's Charlie Salas-Humera? From the follies of the pair's previous, haphazard band to the attic recordings of Panther's debut, Secret Lawns, at E*Rock's house, the past would have been ripe for our entertainment. Even as Panther ventured from the attic to the studio to record 14 kt. God, the pair have continued to collaborate. Charlie has an art show? E*Rock DJs. Panther needs a music video and projections for the live show? E*Rock's there to provide the visuals. Where do you go to find a great Panther Remix? Try E*Rock. He's done it before with "How Well Can You Swim," and he does it again with "Diamond, Violence."

Do I even have to mention that there'd (of course) be a role for Panther drummer Joe Kelly, too? I would really enjoy it if he'd play a different over-the-top character every episode to keep the costume/drag theme of the original show alive in someway. E*Rock and Charlie could visit the farmer's market and even though it's a "reality" show, Joe would play a cantankerous farmer operating a stall, overalls and all. In another episode, they'd mount a remix tour with No Age and yeah, Joe would still act as Panther's drummer, but he'd also play the role of a superfan (if, for some reason, I was unavailable). But at the end of every episode, Charlie would say something like "Get out of that ridiculous costume Joe! We knew it was you all along. Did the producers put you up to this?" And Joe would reply, "Actually, Nilina did."

Don't you enjoy how I've digressed? This is how I spend my time, people.

But this is what E*Rock's relationship with Panther does to me. And I'm glad it's a continued one, because this remix rocks. But the real question is: Can Panther and E*Rock collaborate by remaking the Bosom Buddy's theme song and opening montage?


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