"Dry Clay Ave." was one of the weirdest songs for me to write. It literally all started from a rhythm that I made with 2 broken bamboo sticks and an ice cream scoop. I built the guitar part from there and the rest just fell right into place. The lyrics for the song came from a stream of conscious kind of thing at 2 a.m. It's mainly just a reflection of how I feel about the ways people deal with the world whether it be through a creed, interaction, or habit. So many people forget about the basics of the world when they are blinded by such things. I guess I'll let the lyrics speak for themselves.

Don't stop thinking

when your mind is complacent

Never say never when death is knocking at your door

Never ever ever sit back and ask for more

Because it's much to late to say

But not to late to talk

Much to late to pray

But never to late to walk

Down that road

The name of the song mainly stems from the last line and the image that was in my head when I wrote the lyrics. A dry, cracking layer of clay on a long Georgia road.
Photo care of Myspace