[What follows is a continuation of this week's music feature, a Q&A with sometime-Portlander and ex-Ohm owner Dan Reed. Some answers are more fleshed out than those in the print story. Some questions and answers are brand new! -Ed.]
WW: It sounds like you've been through a lot of changes since you left town.
How long were you in Israel? Why did you go?
Do you have any sort of a Jewish background?
What did your spiritual experiences in India and Israel bring about in your new songs?
What's the new record called, and will it be ready in time for your Aladdin show?
Coming Up For Air
What about the songs on your last EP [Sharp Turns, available on iTunes]. Were those from the Ohm period?
But your music now has gone even further in an explicitly spiritual direction.
That's OK with me, sound as crazy as you want.
Will the track "The Great Dictator" [available on Reed's MySpace, which is based on samples from the passionate, humanist speech that closes Charlie Chaplin's Hitler-spoofing film of the same name] be on the new record?
Is the style of the rest of the new material similar to that track, sample-based and blending acoustic guitar and electronic tracks?
Have you checked out your old '80s videos on YouTube lately? How do you feel when you see images of yourself back then?
Any embarrassment about that phase of your career?
What were the factors that made it a challenge to advance the [Dan Reed Network]'s career?
What brought about your conversion to electronic music?
Dead Cities
Were there personal reasons, too, why you felt like you'd reached the end of that phase?
How did your interview with the Dalai Lama come about?
Photo: taken by Bob Boon, taken from Reed's MySpace.