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Tube's Bang A Rang: Not Actually Moving to Wednesdays

banarang30f4f719e27f3cc40141925cTonight is the last night of bang A Rang...on Wednesdays. Tube's Wednesday dance institution, Bang A Rang, is moving on over. [Actually just the DJs are - see comments] While Bang A Rang will still call Tube it's home after this week, it's vacating the second Wednesday slot in order to dominate second Fridays. Before you rush off to re-mark your calendars, take a peek at what RAD! had to say about the night, the move and the playlist with a little bit of Simpsons humor thrown in for good measure. Both of Bang A Rang's resident DJs, RAD! and Solomon, DJ, are veterans of Hang the DJ, so we knew they are good at answering a few quick questions.

LocalCut: Can you explain Bang a Rang in one sentence for those who have never attended?
Rad!: The best banger party you'll ever go to on a Wednesday night.

Which other Portland nights do you think Bang a rang has something in common with?
More Better obviously. Maybe throw in some Neon. Lots of Bangers, crazy party jams. All mixed. [Wednesday is] the hardest night to do a party for sure, but we rock it the hardest we can.

What makes it different?
Constant rotation of some of the best Party Rockers in the city. No joke. So many amazing DJs that don't get love in the city, who work hard. If you can rock a party and get kids dancing on a Wednesday, you've done some serious work.

Why the move?
Oh BANG A RANG ain't going nowhere. Me and Sol are just moving to 2nd Fridays at Tube now. So we're stepping away from Wednesday to bring in more of our peeps. Add new flavor in yo ear.

If the night was a Simpsons character, who would it be and why?
It would probably be Bartman, move your hips back and forth and move it side to side. Or Comic Book Guy: Worst DJ ever...

What are 3 songs you will probably play tonight and what are 3 songs Solomon will probably play?

Armand Van Helden - "JE T'AIME (Switch Remix)"
Crookers - "Funk Mundial 3"
Jokers of the Scene - "Ya'll Know the Name"

Van Hartman - "I Can Dream About You"
Miss Lady Q - "Mr. Postman"
Sinden - "Beepers"

Anything else you want to add?
Me and Solomon are DJing this Friday at More Better w/ DJ Bonaparte at Rotture. Come get your crunk on with if you like what you hear. Be on the look out for the DJs on the come up. Theres a lot of em.

Hang the DJ: RAD! edition
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