Both Jon and I agree that "Twilight's Last Hour" is our favorite track on Cloud Machines. Twilight's Last Hour was written in spring of 2006 in a dank rehearsal space located in the Industrial NW. We had just gotten back from our first west coast tour and immediately wanted to start writing new material. This was the first song we wrote for our sophomore EP, Cloud Machines and it was also the first track where we experimented with a loop pedal to incorporate both guitar parts I wrote for the ending. The music was created together throughout a few jam sessions. We initially joked around and called the tune, "Flamenco", due to it's opening guitar pattern.

The words were lifted from an old solo song I have. If I were to look deep into the word's meaning and where I was at while writing it I guess I would say the song sort of deals with leaving parts of yourself behind in order to enter a new state of relationship or being. I feel like the music also goes along with this general theme by having three distinct parts that flow into each other seamlessly.

Over the next year we perfected the live performance and were able to replicate all guitar parts you hear on record live. It's really fun to play live because once the ending comes up and we successfully record a live loop so I can play the lead on top of it the audience has gotten really excited.

In May of 2007, Swallows entered Kipp Crawford's studio to record the music for Cloud Machines. "Twilight's Last Hour" was recorded in only a few takes and Jon decided he wanted to experiment with playing three different drum parts on top of each other towards the end of the song, creating a one man percussive army. I recorded the vocals in our new (not quite as dank) rehearsal space on the East Banks to save some cash and have privacy. Afterwards, I brought the tracks to Kipp Crawford to mix with the music and voila!
Photo courtesy of SwallowsSpace