Feelin' Citrus
Feelin' Citrus
Alan Singley & Pants Machine play with Southern Belle Thursday, April 17, at Dunes. 10 pm. $3. 21+. Also Tuesday, April 22*, with QuiVaH, Trio Subtonic and Mishka at Someday Lounge. 8 pm. Free. 21+.
"I'm Alan Singley and I know Charles Lewis. He's a smart, organized man of action. He's gonna shake things up, and he is on the side of the all-ages arts community in Portland like no one else, so we are volunteering our time for this show!!!"
Photo: courtesy of the band's MySpace. That's Singley in the lime-colored (citrus coincidence?) shades. And, yes, guitarist Leb Borgerson (also of Quiet Countries) appears to be sporting a t-shirt for his very own band. Faux pas, anyone?