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Animal Farm: Got GILF? (Eureka-Bakersfield, CA)

m_036dee06a547dab99ea7a24dd9231419It's been a wild ride. First, we headed to Eureka for a nice post-St. Patty's day celebration. Met some good people. Sold some of the new Focused Noise mixtapes and promoted the upcoming Animal Farm album The Unknown, which drops May 20th (plug). We did find a Band-Aid in a hamburger, but that was really the only setback, although now Mic Crenshaw will probably never eat meat again.

Next we rolled to San Francisco in the Expedition, six deep with turntables, suitcases, and merchandise. We had a good time during our short stop in Willits, CA on the 101, where we're probably not allowed back. But Hanif Wondir and I we were able to perfect our kazoo and dance street performance. Also, we learned that older women with haircuts that look like helmets love DJ Wicked. Got GILF?

After arriving at Milk in SF, we set up our merch booth, fully equipped with a putting green, pictures of Kevin Bacon (signed by all of us), and crappy prizes from the Dollar Store, including a couple fanny packs, toy grenades, and some clam juice. Of course the clam juice was the first to go. Big shouts to Jern Eye and Nightclubber Lang, who ended the night with an epic drunken battle on Haight Street.

After SF, we drove to LA, missing the turn off from the 101 and ending up on a rural road, which seemed like the beginning of the apocalypse. There was grass and hills for about an hour and a half, and nothing else. I think I even saw Laura Ingram from Little House on the Prairie running down the hill. After getting into it with the sound man for showing up late, we repped the Northwest hard at the Knitting Factory. Peace to Omni for killing it and to Rakaa Iriscience from Dilated Peoples for showing up and supporting.

After a night off, it was on to Bakersfield, which has been probably the most interesting stop on this tour. We showed up to the venue to find a Jehovah's Witness convention in the same building. Now I know that Jehovah's Witnesses might not be the biggest hip-hop fans in the world, but they didn't need to call the police when they found out we were having a show. It worked out well though because there were a group of very inappropriately dressed 15 year old girls waiting outside for our show that all of the Witnesses were able to look at on their way into the building.

Tomorrow it's on to South Lake Tahoe to meet up with the Alkoholiks for two shows. This tour's only gonna get crazier.

Hanif WondIR

Photo courtesy of Animal Farm
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