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Invisible Rockets, "Panning Gold," Unreleased (Bladen County)

invisiblerocketsThe guitar that rings in Invisible Rockets' "Panning Gold"—not to mention the delivery of its opening lyrics—totally reminds me of Canadian indie rockers Ladyhawk. And god knows I love me some Ladyhawk.

But despite the despondent tone and on-the-verge-of-totally-rocking tension during the verses (both Ladyhawkish trademarks), Invisible Rockets quickly puts a casual, late-'70s groove on the track—calling to mind Philadelphia's Dr. Dog in a big way. Now, I'm not one to just throw out a bunch of band comparisons, but "Panning Gold"—a guitar-led, winking lament to bygone days, and a subtle anthem for moving on—kinda begs for 'em (and they're all mega-compliments), so why not?

From the semi-goofy "Yellow Submarine"-channeling echoed refrain: "Kick it once/ Kick it twice/ Mouth to mouth/ No dice" (you know, like "Sky of blue/ Sea of green"), to the haunting, layered "ooh," "oh", "ah"s toward song's end, this local quartet's aping plenty of familiar sounds—but the end result is a laidback, vintage jam that's quickly making Invisible Rockets my fave Bladen County outfit. Now where's that full-length, guys?


Invisible Rockets play Friday, March 21, with Federale and the Builders and the Butchers at the Doug Fir. 9 pm. $10. 21+.

Bladen County Records

Photo: from the band's 'Space.
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