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Fresh. Local. Sustainable...KINK?

local musicWouldn't KBOO have been a better fit? Even KNRK? The northwest's signature burger chain (too spendy, perhaps, but eco-friendly and fond of the quirky seasonal offerings; its the Towne Lounge of fast food) hitched its wagon to KINK 101.9 for upcoming Plug In Portland—a Local music CD Sampler. Not that KINK hasn't helped local artists within their scope (Amelia comes to mind) sell a few albums, but the gloriously misnamed station prides itself upon music that doesn't call attention to itself and a well-comforted audience that doesn't much like to listen. Recent playlists show a few bands (Shins, Decemberists, Dandy Warhols, Spoon) that we're sure would dearly love the exposure, but one could listen to a solid day of KINK without hearing sufficient Portland to fill a compilation. Nevertheless, head to www.kink.fm (can you do that? end things in fm?) to submit best-loved songs of your fave hometown performers. We think last Friday's Starantula Cut Of The Day would be a fine start.

What about KMHD? Even KGON would've been okay. Oh, Burgerville. What happened to you?

kink.fm (click on "the KINK community" and follow a lengthy registration process to submit your suggestions.)
Kink's local music spotlight

Image courtesy of the fine folks at KINK FM.
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