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Pay The Coyote, "Take Me Over Tonight," Leigh Marble Remix (Unreleased)

paythecoyote Seasonal Affective Disorder, as a genre, rarely extends beyond tweaked Christmas music, but not all stormy weather blows away with the holidays. The lingering, literally-frosted-over post-party malaise deserves its own soundtrack, and, this long winter's fitful nap, may we suggest "Take Me Over Tonight?"

Local folk-rock luminary Leigh Marble has remixed Pay The Coyote's stark, Churchian ballad towards a fully-realized (in the barren, hollow sense) frigid dystopia and lulling disquietude—winds gust, icicles chime, drummer boys brave notice, vocalist Whitney Walker's authoritative, Ian Curtis-nudging fragility trudges through a paean to submission desperate and weary but not without hope. Through Walker's gallows-anthemic chorus and ever-chugging guitar, a note of rebirth lingers. Spring's just around the corner, after all.


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