November 30th, 2007 5:33 pm | by Jim Sandberg Music | Posted In: Cut of the Day

No Go Know, "We Are All Things On Fire" from Sleeping is Winning (Union Records)

nogo Man, winter is rough. The cold, the wet, the gloom. If your house is somewhat warm or dry, you can enjoy a winter day. If it isn't—as many houses aren't—you're miserable inside because it's cold and damp, and the only respite from the tyranny of winter is that it's not raining inside. Post-rock seems to be made for these kind of days, cooped up in the house, maybe drinking some tea. Watching your roommate play video games. Trying to read a book.

No Go Know's new EP showed up in the mail on one of these days, and, with nothing better to do, it went into the CD player. The build on this, the first song on the five-song EP, moves from calm to a full-on assault in such a way that isn't startling, it's comforting, like a tiny fire.
It's nice to have a tiny fire.


No Go Know's MySpace page
Seasonal Affective Disorder

Photo swiped from the band's MySpace page.
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