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Dan deVriend, "Anthems" from And His Fabulous Playboys (Jealous Butcher)

playboys Sometimes, all it takes is one song to fall in love with a band. When listening to Dan deVriend's And His Fabulous Playboys, the track "Anthems" stands out as that one song. All the elements that make up my favorite kind of music are there: A slow but even tempo, a softly strummed guitar and emotionally-charged vocals.

More than anything, it's the first few words of "Anthems" that draw me in: "I would write anthems/ Give me something to rally around." It's both call-to-action and a statement of desperation. DeVriend expresses his desire to write something serious, something inspired, but he's living in a world without inspiration. That "if only" factor is what drives the song: "Anthems" might be repetitive—deVriend does sing that same opening line over and over, and the backing music barely changes—but there's that element of anticipation while wishing for something worth writing about. And that anticipation creates music worth listening to.


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Dan DeVriend's latest musical project
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