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The Legend of Dutch Savage, "Gotta Vision" from Dirt Fist Feet (Self-released)

dutchsavage Something about Legend of Dutch Savage reminds me of listening to my dad's old vinyl records. Let me clarify this by stating that my dad is a huge classic rock who loves Grand Funk Railroad and Led Zeppelin. I know the guys in Dutch Savage think of themselves as more punk rock--especially since drummer Dean Miles was once in a Turbonegro cover band and is old friends with members of Poison Idea--but whenever I listen to the album Dirt Fist Feet, I think "Steve Miller Band." Maybe it's the slightly off-beat riffs and the occasional throaty vocals on "Gotta Vision" that make me think of mustaches and long hair. Maybe it's because everytime I hear those well-timed drums I think of the Richard Linkletter stoner film Dazed & Confused, when those poor freshman are running from the torturous Ben Affleck. What I'm trying to say is that Legend of Dutch Savage just sounds like a good time. And there is nothing--I mean, nothing--wrong with a good time.

Image taken from the band's MySpace page.

Legend of Dutch Savage at MySpace

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