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Loch Lomond, "Song in 3/4" from Paper the Walls (Hush Records)

ritchie young Ritchie Young is a troubadour. Like the European singer-songwriters of the High Middle Ages, the lyricist and leader singer for Loch Lomond tells a story with every song he writes. On the track “Song in ¾” from the band's latest album Paper the Walls, Young's lyrics are both linear and repetitive. He moves through the dark tale of a woman who built her house on sand with “doors that go nowhere”, repeating the most haunting details for emphasis. When he cries, “You're not going anywhere,” over and over, the despair of the story becomes all too clear.

Young's quivering voice and story-telling lyrics are aptly matched by Loch Lomond's old word chamber music. The music moves in waves, falling out of the song completely at times; other times, it comes crashing in. “Song in ¾” becomes less of a three-minute musical interlude and more of a short fable soundtracked by a careful guitar, softly vibrating drums and a melodic string section.


Loch Lomond peforms Thursday, Nov. 1, at the Funky Church with Kele Goodwin and Nick Jaina, 8 pm. All donations will help fund Loch Lomond's upcoming East Coast Tour.

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