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Paper Brain, "Yorkshire" from Self-titled Album (self-released)

paperbrainBands that sound hungry—where a singer pushes himself to force a higher note or the guitar struggles to find its perfect fit within a song—are difficult to ignore. Hungry bands are earnest and honest: They make the music they want to make, hoping that whoever listens to their music will recognize the effort behind it.

Local indie-trio Paper Brain's hunger is palpable on the song “Yorkshire" (and on most of the band's self-titled album). When vocalist Mike Wroblewski strains while singing the chorus (“You're suffocating/ Because you lost control”), you can hear a touch of Stephen Malkmus off Pavement's first album Slanted and Enchanted. Back then, Pavement was still shaky and unsure, but there was a sense of possibility in Malkmus's voice, like he knew he was onto something if only given the chance.

“Yorkshire” is evidence that Paper Brain has potential to become a staple among PacNW music—Jeni Wroblewski's keyboards pound out clean melodies while drummer Adam Zavala keeps a steady rhythm—if the band can draw out that same hunger behind Mike's vocals in every song.


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