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LEAK: Old Time Relijun, "Dig Down Deeper" from Catharsis in Crisis (K Recs)

otrMaybe this is just an intuitive thing, but a low-pitched saxophone over a steady drumbeat makes for sexy music. The sax's muffled tone and the drum's pulse vibrate the same way two sweaty people in a dark room might rhythmically move.

Old Time Reljiun sax player Ben Hartman is ever-present on the band's new album Catharsis in Crisis, but his sax is absolutely seductive on the track "Dig Down Deeper." Part of the sex appeal stems from how Hartman's hums team with lead singer Arrington de Dionyso's growl: For the first and (what might be on the only) time on the album, the vocals are subtle. De Dionyso repeats the words “I dig a tunnel to you,” in a breathy voice more subdued than his trademark warble.

Listening to "Dig Down Deeper," it seems that Dionyso's vocals and repetitive lyrics pair with Hartman's consistent horns and drummer Germaine Bacca's steady beats for a reserved OTR. But as the 11th track on a 14-track album, the song feels like a tense reservation: The band is holding back, creating a slow build up before Carthasis in Crisis's gyrating, wailing conclusion.


Old Time Relijun celebrates the release of Catharsis in Crisis Wednesday, Sept. 26, with Cex Fucx and Bryce Panic at the Artistery. 7 pm. $6 ($12 includes CD or LP). All ages. Catharsis in Crisis comes out Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Old Time Relijun at K Records
Old Time Relijun on Myspace

Photo: taken from the band's MySpace.
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