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Typhoon: Van Full of Zombies (SLO, CA to Portland, OR)

typhoon After San Francisco, the tour became more of a vacation for a few days. A show on Haight had be canceled and our Long Beach plans completely fell through at the last minute, so after a night of camping in the desert outside Salinas, we spent an unexpected four night at jordan's very lovely, very hospitable grandparents' home in San Luis Obispo.

When the break was over, we drove down to Santa Barbara, where we met up with out wonderful friend Anna Ottum and found the Muddy Waters coffee shop. They had promised us a crowd despite the lack of a local band on the bill, and what we got was all the free beer and coffee we could drink and a big crowd, a healthy percentage of which was a wedding reception, bride, groom, and all. Maggie and Pieter's set was especially awesome that night.

The next morning our great white van and our trusty blue Subaru found their respective ways to the 1-5 and fried in the desert sun all the way to Sacramento. Eric Stipe was driving the Subaru and wouldn't allow us to use the A.C., preferring instead to roll down the windows. And bake. Inevitably worse was the fate of the members in the van: no air conditioning and eight dudes who just ordered their cheeseburgers animal style at the In-n-Out.

Our show in Sacramento was at Maggie's friend's house, and we found out upon arriving that they had been promoting it as "Sasquatch-apalooza" or something like that. Either way, there were lots of people, and two kegs. And even though we got the cops called, and some Sac-city hipsters may or may not have made fun of us, and Eric and Elec didn't end up getting to go home with the girlies they were dancing with all night,I think the show went well, we sold some records, and we all had fun. Although I think Eric Stipe slept in vomit.

So we woke up sore and sick and sleep-deprived in Sacramento and got some sandwiches and cough syrup and lots of water and hit the road again. We winded our way northwest through the mountain to Arcata. It was a long drive, four or five house of 30 m.p.h. curve signs and waiting for turns lanes to pass semi trucks.

Once we got there we called Travis from The Last Slice of Butter for directions and found our way to the "kinda blue" house. Our hostess, Shauna, had miso soup and a delicious salad prepared for us when we arrived.

Sadly we had parted ways with our dear new friend Maggie that morning in Sacramento, so the very capable Elec Morin, our tour merch wizard and friend-for-many-years, stepped up to open the show. After a few minutes of practicing, Elec's all-new electric folk rock-n-roll band Bear Hands made their U.S. debut. Elec was accompanied by Pieter, Kyle, Jordan, and Conlan, who played one hell of a banjo. Typhoon's set went well and the crowd was really great. It's always nice to meet people who know Kickball.

After we played we decided to just drive home rather than spend the night. So with kyle behind the wheel of the van and I (Devin) in my Subaru, we hit the road about midnight. We drove the first stretch through the forest. Pieter, Jordan, and I stopped at a closed weigh station to watch the lunar eclipse and kept it real all night with mixes made by the man Adam Zeek. We met the van at Muchas Gracias (delicious Mexican food twenty-four hours a day- all the best things are from Salem) in Grant's Pass around 4:30 and greeted a very coffeed-up kyle, his faithful co-pilot Conlan, and a van full of zombies who had fallen asleep halfway through the second film of their all-night Star Wars marathon, and now rose, grumpy and baggy-eyed, to eat enchiladas before returning to sleep.

I dropped Pieter off at Stonehenge around the time everyone was going to work in Eugene. I passed the van somewhere south of Jefferson and drove straight to my parents' house and slept. Toby picked up the van driving duties in Salem and brought them all home to Portland. Good tour.



Old photo courtesy of Typhoon
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