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Typhoon: Splam! I Put it in the Hoop Like Jam! (Olympia, WA)

n27502567_30572653_6523 Typhoon arrived to Olympia yesterday in the blazing heat of the mid-afternoon—so we set out for swimming. We were tipped off about a remote lake in an Olympic forest where, allegedly, there were no crowds. We soon found that no one else swam in this lake because it was marbled with oil slicks and smelled like shit. A leathery local woman fishing there (what for, I don't know…some strain of mutant pike) told us about another lake that was "a hell of a lot cleaner than this one." So we went there and swam.

Afterwards we went back to the Puget House to play our show with the likes of Skrill Meadow, Travis Sehorn and Live Active Cultures. We played last, and with everyone (10 or so people) sitting down it was hard to gauge how well we were received. We were definitely the least avant-garde of the four acts which made me feel a little bit like we were some sell-out pop stars: Too much melody and not enough freaky outty. And apparently they only have tape cassette players in Olympia so we didn't sell much. Its still a really cool town though, maybe someday we'll find a niche there.

Anyway, thanks to the generous inhabitants of Chez Puget for letting us crash in yer yard and thank YOU for reading. More on the adventures of Typhoon later.

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