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Exclusive-ish: Blitzen Trapper, "Sci Fi Kid (Atole remix)" (unreleased)

atoleGenerally, I regard the current trend of indie-rock remixology as something of a plague. Not just any plague, the sort with boils, puss, "bring out your dead!" and such. The Stars anyone? Architecture in Helsinki? (yeah, YACHT's were good there, but that's where it ends). I'd say it's a necessary evil if it gets indie-rockers into electronic music, but no: I really just fucking hate it.

Yet, a little Portland band called Blitzen-Trapper's proved me wrong, not once, but twice. First was "Whiskey Kisser." The song was so gold anyhow, Kittenz (what happened to Kittenz BTW?) had some balls going after it. The result was, um, whatever's better than gold. Diamonds I guess. The remix was pure diamonds. Kittenz basically sandblasted the rock n' roll out of it and took the remainder, chopped n' screwed it in all the right places and put it to a drum machine. The song's hooks turned murderous. I'd catch myself on the bus singing along: "oh. gee. what is wrong with me?" Diamonds I declare.

"Sci Fi Kid" already has some of its title in the song, so this remix follows sorta naturally. The rock's stripped out again, the tempo's dropped and the whole thing's got a very 80s' Hollywood dance-club vibe (you remember 80s' Hollywood dance-clubs, right kids?). That's a good thing. 4/4 thumps, handclaps, space skronk and Eric Earley's vocals turned into a club croon a la certain recent variations of James Murphy. And Blitzen-Trapper's indie-twang? Gone and gone. Enjoy.



Photo: Atole. Smooth.
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