Willamette Week
WW: Are you more comfortable nowadays performing in the role of bandleader than singer-songwriter?
You're not just fronting a band with the same old songs; your songwriting's developed to incorporate the band.
Were all those parts in the songs as they developed, or were they added on during this arranging process?
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Do you see a real difference between the kind of material you wrote for your first album and the kind of stuff you write now?
What about in terms of performance, are you still interested in quieter or solo work?
In the press bio for your new release, that first album is sort of marginalized as "his off-the-cuff story-song album." So is it a way of writing and performing that you kind of don't identify with anymore? Is the way you work now a more direct style of writing for you?
For Your Radio
Well, it does seem that fronting the band has helped the size of your following.
Uh oh, that might be my inner Jewish mother bringing it out of you...
Do you write every day?
The Artist's Way
Well, one thing that might help bridge the gap to your new work for fans of your earlier stuff would be if you made your lyrics available, if not on your albums, then on your website, so people could see that underneath those layers of noise there's still that same verbal energy going on.
It's interesting that you mention the typewriter, because one of the cues that makes that first album seem such a sort of "writerly" album to me is your use of the old typewriter font on the album cover, for your name and the title, and a similar font for the song titles, etc. Another clue was the preponderance of song titles starting with the word "The." Very short-story-like.
One Man Submarine
The other thing, maybe, that makes a difference in the songs an artist writes for a first album versus the ones he writes after, is maybe this sense at first that nobody's listening, as opposed to, once you start performing, realizing that everyone's paying attention to all these things you've come up with in private.
Have you considered making a push with this latest album to expand your market beyond the Northwest?
It sounds like you've been reading The Secret!
The Secret
I didn't read it, but I watched the DVD, and I definitely felt like there was some wisdom to be gained in there amidst the bullshit.
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