{ Friday 8.31.07 } PANTHER THE JOGGERS CHOW NASTY THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? ALEXIS GIDEON VALET MODERNSTATE Plus very special guests ... Sublime Frequencies presents:: Niger: Magic and Ecstasy in the Sahel a film by Hisham Mayet {70 minutes} A celebration of life in the Sahel region of Africa, this film showcases many of Niger¹s venerable music styles. Tuareg Electric Guitar trance rock, Bori cult dance ceremonies, Fulani Folk, and Roadhouse Gospel Rave-ups are some of the segments included in this latest "Folk Cinema" classic from Sublime Frequencies! Filmed in December of 2004 on location in Niger, Hisham Mayet delivers a spontaneous, raw, and inspiring collection of images, music, and ceremony (again with a single camera presentation) from a nation mired in poverty and continual post-colonial disappointment. Quoting from Mayet¹s liner notes: "This is not music as commodity, this is music as survival. There is a saying in Niger that goes, "when we die we know we are going to heaven because we already live in Hell" well I think its more like the purgatory that we all live in and they sure have managed to transcend with an incredible natural resource: Music. Dig it!" ------------------------------------ { Saturday 9.1.07 } CALIFONE DARK MEAT BOWERBIRDS PLANTS ETERNAL TAPESTRY BUILDERS & BUTCHERS WHIP STRANGERS DIE EVERY DAY Sublime Frequencies Presents:: PALACE OF THE WINDS a film by Hisham Mayet - filmmaker in attendance (45 minutes/color) An entrancing look at the culture and music of the Saharawis from the Western Sahara and Mauritania. This film explores the rich heritage of a culture that is cloaked in mystery and mired in struggle. Journey from the northern fringes of the Western Sahara to the Mauritanian capital of Nouakchott. Explore the intoxicating tapestry of sight and sound that this obscure region has to offer from some of its most legendary musicians. ------------------------------------ { Sunday 9.2.07 } DAMO SUZUKI (of Can) with EMIL AMOS, ADAM FORKNER, YELLOW SWANS & special guest musicians MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS THE SEA DONKEYS TARA JANE O'NEIL EVOLUTIONARY JASS BAND CEXFUCX ILYAS AHMED KATHARINA TUNICATA Sublime Frequencies Presents:: MY FRIEND RAIN a film by Robert Millis - filmmaker in attendance (45 minutes/ Color) A collage of musical segments, tropical backdrops, and mysterious celebratory events from rainy mornings in the lowlands of the Ayerwaddy river to the humid nights of Java's Dangdut scene. Captured live and in the moment by Robert Millis and Alan Bishop on location in Thailand, Burma, Indonesia and Laos. ------------------------------------ Art: Photographs and graphic works by Gretchen Vaudt & Norm Sajovie Literary: Jana Martin Curtis Knapp Vanessa Veselka Tom Blood Lisa Wells Mike McGonigal

Photo: Poster by Dylan McConnell