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LC PODCASTS: These Are the Days with Arya Imig (August 13, 2007)

these are the days This sixth episode of These Are The Days spends some time recapping the PDX Pop Now! festival which took place the first weekend in August. The podcast features interviews with volunteers and fans, and some music by artists who performed at the festival, as well as some new projects from established artists who performed. Easily one of the best events I've ever been apart of, this year's PDX Pop Now! had a lot of very big moments, and a lot of very small moments which all add up to tremendous memories I'll be able to keep with me in the years to come. Opening with Riot Cop and closing with Sandpeople, the podcast also looks forward and contains, as usual, music by up and coming bands with upcoming shows.


Arya Imig on KPSU
PDX Pop Now!

This podcast went up late because Casey was at camp/an idiot. Sorry!
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