Dear Friends, Colleagues, Supporters, Artistes, Wiccans, Skeptics, Detractors and General Curmudgeons, et al,

Well, the fat lady has sung the final ballad of RJ Templeton. In honor of the occasion, Disjecta will host one last event at the fabled Templeton Building before moving on to more supple and verdant pastures...and we'd like you to join us!

(Details about our impending move will be forthcoming in the next few months--sorry we can't share more with you now.)

We genuinely enjoyed our brief respite on the Burnside Bridge and couldn't resist the opportunity to have a farewell party. So in grand style, help us say goodbye with Keegan Smith, The West and DJ Wann. A good, old-fashioned summertime dance party. The last of its kind. And we'd love to see you there.

Photo: The R.J. Templeton Building. Not happening.