August 3rd, 2007 5:33 pm | by Michael Byrne Music | Posted In: Cut of the Day

Hooliganship, "SnoSpectacularBattlBunch" (unreleased?)

hooliganshipMaybe you thought you'd take a PDX Pop Now! dinner break at 7:20 tomorrow night. Makes sense: that's a pretty square time to eat, and Hooliganship is a pretty unsquare band in a mostly square fest (dig?). But, anyhow, the festival starts at six can eat before you go (unless you're rushing from work, in which case you should bring a snack). Where was I? (Never write when you're hungry...or have to go to the bathroom really, really bad). Ah, yes, Hooliganship tonight at 7:20, playing some video-game-grunge-musics-for-your-funny-places.

This song is tagged "new" on the Hooliganship website (which looks pretty well updated). It's exciting. It sounds like a capital "S" song, one that can float without visuals (Hooliganship is kind of an A/V band normally). It develops and has breakdowns and all that fun stuff. Did I mention live drums? Yes, it has that too.

See you tonight (Audiocinema, 7:20 pm).



Photo: From Hooliganship's 'space. I love this one.
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