wickedly unfulfilling
Dark Yoga on Portland Cable Access tonight. i really have no idea what this is all about. Hopefully we'll get a tape of it. I'm thinking this could be the best shit ever!!!! friends with TIVO, lets do the do.
It's really SubArachnoid Space's cable access gig and they needed another band to “fill time,” or something. There will hopefully be extremely trippy, most definitely very crunk video FX and feedback invloved and we will hopefully walk away with a tape of it. I think it's just a taping. What dude at the station said to matt who is telling me now on phone

(third or fourth hand info at this point) is “if it doesnt need editing after we play it will go on the air right after we're done, but if it needs to be edited it will air in the future. Who knew TV could be SO VAUGE! Either way we are getting a dvd of it when we are done we're supposed to be there at 7:30. Beyond that i know nothing!
Photo: From Dark Yogaspace