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Almost Live: Thunder at Blazers (Stephen Malkmus Guest-Blogs!)

Stephen MalkmusWe are very, very excited to have one of our favorite musicians, Stephen Malkmus (Pavement, The Jicks) blogging this evening's Blazer contest. We'll spare him the embarrassment of nerding out about it too much. -Ed.

press area is pretty lonely. espn deportes is in the house. couple of sonic fans in sonix gear. hornets sweatsuits look like the knicks. collison and krstic --the same man. line tonight is thunder minus 1 1/2....sounds about right . the good news for the blazers is they were so bad last game the are due for a bounce back .
aldridge should have a good game tonight.

kudos for dre miller hes trying to make something happen... aldridge just keeps kicking the ball out. cmon lemarcus do something
durant is automatic from the line

oklahoma city is a lot of words to cram on the front of a jersey. they look like the globe trotters opponents jerseys
wing span

sloppy start

decibels darkness and mikes hard lemonade.
k.durant looks like jamie foxx. he plays like a first round over-all pick. at least we get to see him a few times each year.

dre miller. i can root for him-- that ncaa run at utah was pretty cool. majerus and don nelson are cut from the same freaky cloth

tip off .............................................................after commercials. miami vice loop. the bass drums has too much treble in it. it reminds me of those bats the kids whack behind the board to throw off free throw shooters.

who is going to score. it is a real problem for the blazers

aldridge is soft, i cant handle him sorry blazer fans
thabo is looking good with the short hair...

batum to the rescue. kool cat
sweet james harden is in there looking john salmons- like with the beard.
the blazer scrubs are bringing some energy. 15-9
batum burned durant big time, its the cunning ham- batum show . im liking that.
100 consecutive sell outs.....that is pretty impressive
rudy gets the chicks. but what the blazers need is rebounds just a big body. juwan howard aint cuttin it. i know you couldnt predict the injuries, but this is looking like a lost season right about now. nick collison is loving it out there, which is not a good sign

i was here for a blaze prank that went wrong. it was a marriage proposal skit.... i cant remember but the prospective bride was not into it.

jeff green is taller than i thought he was....
aldridge looks good on the fast break......you forget that because the blazers never run
westbrook is looking awesome , hes been on fire of late and the UCLA pedigree is on display
whoa casey spotted mo cheeks over there--asst coach. what a nice guy .

real proposal--on espn!!! she said yes. for now
somehow the blazers are two points down nearing halftime mostly due to batum and cunning ham. nate is has done a good job finding a rotation and it seems like the thunder are just saving it for the second half....

halftime.....all tied up.

went to have a beer with bob and west. they are up in the nosebleeds. diggin it. martell went down real hard
that was scary but he is up and off the court. it was like he flew out of the half pipe at the Xgames then woke up and it was flat concrete instead of snow and there was no snowboard.

yeah just like that

portland fans are a scruffy lot. there is a hooligan element for sure . but you wont lose your teeth if you are a thunder fan...just some of the young men could be timbers fans or something .

the rim has a forcefield over it tonight.

pritch has a real close up of durant. he already knows he blew it..... still its gotta hurt

aldridge starting to get hot....blazers take the lead , first time, home momentum is working now.

casey told me he saw a young gal with a juwan howard sign--YEAH

the decibels are being flung around like numchucks....its louder than monsters of folk in here

all the sudden quiet.
durant is a lazy defender-could have been burnt off the picks more than once

dre personifies old school. no threes, etc
durant throwing up some garbage shots
martell is back.......thank god
durant was trying to pad stats on rebound over ibaka and it went out of bounds, miller makes him pay

end of 3rd quarter off the steal fernandez pulls up , and ends up taking off balanced three, he should have taken it to the hole but wimped out. i say trade the punk...trevor ariza is still in his mind evidently
bad blogging aside, brendan haywoodwould be nice

jeff green is really looking good tonight. 63-65--bayless sighting..blazers have been taking it inside more in the second half, which is a good thing.

vcu product eric maynor is making steve west proud of his alma mater tonight. at halftime Bob nastanovic said "westbrook is deferring to maynor"....i did not notice tha..............t but the golden rams are aces in my book

maynor sweet dish for harden trey.....maybe Bob was right. 36-66 Okc ahead
horrible pass by blake. maynor gets an easy dime on hardens three
more james harden, blazers down 11......should have bet on this one......

two minutes of keystone cops / "entertainment" is thankfully ended with a Dre miller 3. blazers down 8.its amazing how boring the nba is when they miss (tons of)shots. its really kills the magic. i say widen the rims
collison "does the right thing" like a true jayhawk and takes a charge.... but dre miler is pissed and comes right back .......rudy fernandez you will never be ginobli because you will never drive like

oklahoma is trying to give this game away.
aldridge just keeps kicking it out. dre miller is the only one who wants to shoot. this sucks

like casey said when the blazers dont hit their threes the game plan is screwed. its predicated on that. which is why we still see steve blake out there for some reason.

garbage time three from durant. ill take it.
this thing is winding up real soon. bayless one for the kids.....

final summation--the thunder have a super exciting team and their fans should bne spcyhed. we have a weird team with cool guys but its looking like a struggle to get the 8th seed....

next time more cunningham in the second half......
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