July 12th, 2007 5:33 pm | by Michael Byrne Music | Posted In: Cut of the Day

Mattress, "Space Heater," Who Do You Lust (Tiny Wolf Records)

mattressYep, this is Mattress, believe it or not. Rex Marshall pawned his bizarre old blues guy voice for some space effects and a new drum machine. Hopefully, whoever snags it next will be kind to it. Anyhow, this is enjoyable enough without it, basically a few elementary melodies--some crisp, some skronky--and beats strung out over a lazy five minutes, overlapping every so often and getting weird. Like most anything Mattress does, with or without the voice, it's a nice, interesting ride.

Mattress plays next in Portland on July 27, at Someday Lounge




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Photo: "Mexico Death Bed," From Mattresspace

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