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LEAK: Atole, "Tacuba" from Esnpgalniisshh (Chingatu Records)

atole tatsFirst of all, two "oops:" in a recent WW review of State's Rights Grown Zone comp I referred to the Atole track as the first he's ever released. WRONG. No, in fact, he had one on its predecessor, the Bro Zone comp. My description of said song? WRONG. I was listening to the wrong CD of the two-disc set. Totally unacceptable. I suggest a good ol' fashioned critic flogging. Anyhow, apologies to Atole.

Atole has a debut album coming out this year which we should all be very very excited about. I understand "Tacuba" will be a part of it. It's a simply rad, mellow song of chilled-the-fuck-out melodics with solid enough (albeit slow) 4/4 to make this cut do "interesting" things to a dance floor. It's the sort of soft-edged base line that lodges itself in your gut and squeezes out "mmmmm" chemicals you didn't know you're body could produce by itself. Lovely.

Atole frontman Manny Reyes performs next as DJ BJ at Boxxes on the 4th of July. 9 PM. 21+.



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Photo: Manny Reyes from his Local Cut tour diary

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